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Spray-Free Novamac Apples (3, 5 and 10lb bags)

Suprima Farms

Spray-Free Novamac Apples (3, 5 and 10lb bags)


From Suprima Farms, Sheffields Mills

"Mcintosh with attitude" as they have a pleasant tartness. - Richard Hennigar


Richard Hennigar's family have been apple farmers in the Annapolis Valley for 110 years!

When asked why what Richard does is good for you, he has lots to say:

"Our apples are free of any chemicals and are safe for you and your kids. By working with varieties that are scab resistant we don't even have to use sprays that are allowed in certified organic apple growing!  Plus we minimize the use of fossil fuels to keep our environment clean and safe (google the video: "grass benders" to see first hand one of their low-carbon management techniques).  Our apple juice is actually purer than water, because the tree filters the water as it makes the apple."

Our sweet apple cider is safe to drink at any stage.  I like to say it’s best before and even better after!  As the cider starts to ferment, it becomes a healthy alternative to a carbonated soft drink.  This stage is a step along the path to becoming apple cider vinegar, one of the world’s three miracle health foods along with Honey and Garlic.

We cold-press our juice which preserves the most nutrients.  Our business strengthens the local economy and provides jobs.  We grow suitable varieties of apples for any use, and because we store them at their ideal temperature and humidity you can count on their availability year round!

The four-word summary for the apples and their juice: fresh, pure, tasty, and LOCAL!"

Our current variety is Redfree.  They are red, juicy, sweet, crunchy, tree ripened, and unsprayed.

Keep refrigerated in the bag to preserve texture and flavor.

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