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oyster & shitake mushrooms (1 pint)

Maritime Gourmet Mushrooms

oyster & shitake mushrooms (1 pint)


A few years ago a young man called me and asked if he could spend a few days working on our Grass-fed beef farm because he was considering pursuing a career as a grass-fed beef farmer.  "Sure", I said, we've got a lot of spring fencing to do.  He came out and asked a lot of the right questions, and slogged through the spring flush of mosquitos on our valley dykeland summer pasture.  I didn't hear anything from him again until I ran into him on my delivery route in the city one day where he told me he had become a gourmet mushroom farmer!  He's quickly getting to scale with his amazing shiitake and oyster mushrooms!  Way to farm in Ketch Harbour, Jason!   

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