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100% Grass-Fed Beef


Grass-fed Beef is the centerpiece enterprise at Wild Mountain Farm. We keep about 30 momma cows and produce about 25 grass fed beef animals for market each year.  We work with traditional breeds including Galloway, Hereford, and Angus, long renowned for their beef quality and abilities to thrive on grass-only diets. Our animals are raised on pastures in the green months and fed hay from December through to the first of May. They are never fed starchy grains or other non-forage feeds.  They are not given antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products. The animals are killed at 20-30 months old depending on when they are suitably fat to provide tender juicy beef.    

Wild Mountain Farm is participated in as study led by the Province to look at the nutritional qualities of Nova Scotia grass-fed beef.  A fatty acid analysis discovered Nova Scotia grassfed beef samples to have the desirable Omega 6:3 ratios approaching 1:1. A Wild Mountain Farm sample in the study registered 1.03:1 Omega 6:Omega 3. This compared to samples of grain fed beef where the ratios were in range of 6:1. The grass fed beef was also much higher in levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is considered by health professionals to be a "super fat" linked to reduced risks of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancers. 

A common response from customers who try our beef for the first time is that it's the best they've ever had. Cattle eating what nature intended them to eat results in real flavours that we recognize as DELISCIOUS and HEALTHY.